Why Desktop over Laptop?

It seems that laptop notebook computers are the most popular item this side of the iPod for the young and upwardly mobile set.

Every time I go in to a coffee shop, practically half of the people who are inside are hammering away at a laptop notebook computer while swilling Mochas.

Some of these folks, I suspect, really do increase their productivity by using a laptop computer

But I would be willing to bet that, for the vast majority of them, using a new laptop or notebook computer is just a matter of showing off the latest gadget.

They would probably do a lot better to simply use their personal computers at home.

You see, although the laptop notebook computer has come a long way, it still has a lot of drawbacks when compared with the PC.

In the first place, it is a lot more fragile

Not only are laptop notebook computers at risk because you carry them around and type on them with cups of hot coffee dangerously close by, but the computer itself is less rugged than a desktop computer.

They do not last as long, are more liable to break down suddenly, and are much more difficult to fix when they do go.

With a desktop computer, if you are willing to replace the hard drive from time to time and occasionally swap in some new memory, you will be good to go for years.

But with a laptop notebook computer, you never know when it is going to break down.

And when your laptop notebook computer does break down, it will be much harder to fix.

Unless you use a Mac, you can easily open up and fix your personal computer.

You can take out anything that goes bad, put in a new one, and get it rolling again.

But with a laptop notebook computer, it is much more difficult

You actually have to get it professionally serviced, even if all you want to do is to add a new memory stick.

And then there is the problem of spending hours typing at a laptop notebook computer.

No matter how you set it up, the screen will be too low and the mouse and keyboard will be too high up.

Over time, this can cause injuries to your wrists and spine. Sitting at a coffee shop and typing all day is no good for you.

You need to have a properly set up desk at home

If you are going to set up your workspace properly, why use a laptop notebook computer at all?


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