0 Apr Credit Cards – Ok, What’s The Catch?

How can credit card companies offer zero APR credit cards and still make money?

Well, now that interest rates have gone up they don’t so much anymore.

But zero APR cards are can still be found if you look, and the Internet is probably the best source.

So what’s the catch? There are several . . .

Most zero APR credit cards offer zero APR for a limited time, normally no more than a year

Carefully read the fine print to find out exactly how much interest you’ll be paying later.

Some people try to transfer their entire credit card balance to a new zero APR card every year in order to extend their “limited time offer” indefinitely, but credit card companies are getting wise to this maneuver.

Nevertheless, getting a zero APR credit card can be a smart move as long if you read the contract and follow the rules.

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