10 Simple Ways To Control Adult ADD

Both adult ADD and adult ADHD has drawbacks, though we know there are great benefits in creativity, intelligence, and the ability to hyperfocus.

Yet, some of the mundane tasks in the world can be helped by following these 10 easy steps:

1. Color Code Your World

When it comes to things like what to do with the dirty clothes, color-coded bins that make sorting easier is a great way to streamline laundry day and to keep sleeping spaces neat for people with adult ADD.

Rather than tossing clothes wherever they may land, get bins color-coded to the laundry sorting ritual.

Use white for whites, colored for colors, and black for dark colors.

You may want an extra one, just for clothes that could bleed into your other laundry, like red, for instance. Or, you may want to put delicates in another colored bin.

It’s up to you how you use your adult ADD creativity.

2. Keep it open

People with adult ADD don’t do well with space that is too structured, probably owing to time spent in school desks as a kid, and this is especially true for adults with ADHD.

Allow your home to be as open as possible to allow yourself to move around whenever you need to do that.

Don’t have too much furniture or other things that can get in your way.