Website Promotion: How Articles Bring Visitors To Your Website

You’ve built a website and are very proud to be counted among the ranks.

Now you’re expecting people to come for a visit. In fact if this is your first website you’re probably thinking maybe I’ll get a few visitors or maybe a thousand visitors.

Would it surprise you if I told you that you are going to get very few visitors?

Remember the movie Field of Dreams, 1989?

Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer whose dream is to be a baseball player, something his father wanted for his own life. In the movie he hears voices from players that have passed on.

What he hears becomes an aphorism still used today, if you build it he (they) will come. Meaning if he built the ball field his father, shoeless Joe and other baseball players from Chicago would come and he would get his chance.

However this is not the case with building a website.

Unfortunately know one knows you’re there and you won’t hear any voices telling where to go from here.

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