So you want to work at home

Everybody want’s to work at home.

I’d like to stay at home to, but with six kids and two dogs forget it.

One day I decided to look how to get a few extra bucks working online. I had never did it before and seen a lot of people doing it so I decided to give it a try.

Ok now what to try, ebay? I signed up and sold everything in the house until my wife stopped me because we needed the couch and TV.

Ebay is a great site and I made some good money until I ran out of things to sell.

Then I looked at drop shipping; WOW you could find anything in the world to drop ship. The only problem was I had no idea how much inventory they had for a certain item.

I don’t think they did either. Don’t get me wrong, drop shipping is a great thing if you can find the right one.

Oh look at this a free site fully stocked with everything on the planet, I know you’ve seen them don’t they look pretty?

That’s about it.

With six kids who has a lot of money to invest? Not me. I heard of Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Google AdSense.

Look people are making money with these sites, but how?

CB and CJ are both great sites and have a lot to offer. Just pick a program and promote the heck out of it. Again promote equals money.

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