Aptitude Test – Know Yourself

It very important to know ourself well.

In my career I have constantly try to figure out what do I want to do and what is suitable for me.

Since secondary school time I have started to think hard on what I want to be in the future.

During University time I did a lot of reading and test to understand myself more. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

However I don’t know where to start and what industry I should go into. I have tried to start some small business in university time and I learned that passion is very important. I simply need to love what I am doing.

So I planned to gain some working experience before I go into any business. I started my career as a programmer.

I figure out that I wanted to become an system analyst, which I have already achieve it today, after 5 years of working.

I did an aptitude test on Test You Own Job Aptitude by Jim Barret and Geoff Williams 6 years ago which I think its worth to mention.

Following are the results of my test. According to the test I am a mixed of Research and Literary type. Here are some descriptions of the categories:

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