The Number One Work At Home Scam Explained

Working at home is very popular.

As with anything that is popular there are people out there who like to try to scam those looking for work at home jobs.

Scams can sometimes be hard to recognize, but if a person knows what to look for they can raise their chances of not being caught in a work at home scam.

A popular way to get taken by a scam work at home company is when they ask a person to pay them money.

The first key that a work at home opportunity may be a scam is that the company asks for money up front.

This is also something that can be confusing because some legitimate companies ask for money, too. The main rule abut paying money is that if the job were not work at home would it be reasonable to pay money up front to work with this company.

If it is a job where the person is required to keep an inventory of products than it is reasonable to pay something upfront for the inventory.

However, if the payment is for administrative fees that is a red flag.

A work at home job is like any other job. Nobody would pay a company to process their employment papers, so it is unreasonable for a work at home company to request payment for this purpose.