Final Fantasy XIV – Disciple of Land

High Quality (HQ) materials removed but can craft HQ gears and HQ materials

“Gatherer’s Boon.” provides one or more free items with every attempt at harvesting

Can find out further details about crafting in Gathering Log in game option.


Use the minimap to see nodes. Need Triangulate(Bot)/Prospect(Min) active to identify nodes on map. Arbor Call( Bot )/Lay of the Land( Min ) to look for nodes if required.

Each node naturally has a lifespan of 6 strikes. Meaning you can attempt to gather 6 times from any given node, whether you choose to gather 6 different items, or 6 of the same item.

100% for Gathering;
20% for Perception

Basically, 100% chance of getting the item, 20% chance of item being HQ.

GP Used by skills
GatheringIncreases chance of receiving item.
If gatherer’s level is same the gathering level, your base Gathering chance is capped at 95%.
PerceptionIncreases chance to gather a high quality item (base max 15%) 
Does not affect items with 0% quality. 

Increase GP, Gathering & Perception with food & gear


GP food –

Gathering food –

Perception food –

Botanist & Miner


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