Final Fantasy XIV – Red Mage

Job Reference

Kindly check the job reference here.

Recommended Rotations

To get close to or away from target…
Use when Spells are GCD-ing…
Verfire/Verstone/Jolt > Verthunder/Veraero
Verfire/Verstone over Jolt due to higher potency than Jolt
Acceleration will increase Verfire/Verstone availability
Verthunder II/Veraero II > Verthunder II/Veraero II/Scatter
For more than 3 enemies simultaneously (higher overall potency than if use for single)
e.g. for 4 enemies, Verthunder II/Veraero II will 120 x 4, higher than Verthunder/Veraero’s 370
Riposte > Zwerchhau > Redoublement
Get black & white mana near 100 to use Enchanted version of all 3