Final Fantasy XIV – Disciple of Land


Use the minimap to see nodes. Needs Triangulate/Prospect active. Arbor Call(botany)/Lay of the Land(mining) to look for nodes if required.

Each node naturally has a lifespan of 6 strikes. Meaning you can attempt to gather 6 times from any given node, whether you choose to gather 6 different items, or 6 of the same item.

100% for Gathering; 20% for Perception

Basically, 100% chance of getting the item, 20% chance of item being HQ.

  • GP (Gathering Points)
    • Used by gathering skills (Fishing from Heavensward)
    • Recharges over time and with each successful gathering attempt. 
    • Current amount is shared between classes
    • Increase by gear and food
  • Gathering
    • Increases chance of receiving item (increase with skills and food)
    • If gatherer’s level is same the gathering level, your base Gathering chance is capped at 95%.
  • Perception:
    • Increases chance to gather a high quality item (base max 15%; increase with skills and food
    • Does not affect items with 0% quality. 

Botanist & Miner