Final Fantasy XIV – Disciple of Land


The Fishing Guild is in Limsa Lominsa

For ref., Cat got Hungry for FSH and Gamerescape for the rest (gathering & crafting)

After you clear the quests, check the leve quests givers all around eorzea and accept the fish leve to earn both exp and Gil. You can start from talking with the one at Linda Lominsa Upper Deck.

Take the leves that have no tick, which means you didn’t complete the leve before.

If all the leves has tick, do and find other leve quest giver

Go and*

In time you will be required to fish HQ fishes. To fish HQ fishes, you need 2 factors:

  • raise your ‘perspection’ as high as possible for better chances. Please consider eating Meals too.
  • Understand all the actions you can use, and ulitise them while fishing. The usable actions usually costed GP (gatherer’s MP), so plan the actions well.
FisherFor bait, always check Snyhill at Hawker’s Alley first


  1. Attach bait
  2. Cast
  3. Hook when ! appears


you can purchase them from vendors. In Limsa Lominsa, that would be from the Fieldcraft Merchant.

Different baits catch different fishes, and different locations contain different fishes. To determine where and with what bait to catch a fish, visit the cat became hungry site listed under the Useful Resources section.

When to Fish

Certain fishes only spawn during certain times or weathers. Search for the fish in the cat became hungry site first. Then, simply look at the Time Zone section for your fish to determine when it is available.

For example, here we can see that the fish can not be fished from 10 – 16 Eorzean Time.

And we can see that this fish is better fished during a rain.

Where to Fish

The Fishing Guild is in Limsa Lominsa

Fisher Levequests: