What is RAM?

RAM is a moniker for Random Access Memory.

It acts as a short-term memory much like the human brain to store a wealth of information.

The RAM is accessible through the computer’s brain called the CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit.

RAM has the capability of being retrieved only while a computer is on.

When the computer is turned off the RAM is no longer accessible. ROM chips along with BIOS (computer boot firmware) allows the RAM information to be retrievable when the computer is rebooted.

RAM size and Location on the Computer System

Most computers come equipped with 256 million bytes of RAM already on the computer.

Additional RAM can be placed within the system.

However, there is usually a limitation placed upon just how much RAM can be added to a computer system.

RAM is not random as its name would lead one to believe. The RAM is highly controlled and the storage can be directly ascertained.

There is a decisive method that RAM utilizes to make its memory available to certain areas of the computer system.

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