Why Easy To Use Software Is Putting You At Risk

Can Easy To Use Software Also Be Secure

Anyone who has been working with computers for a long time will have noticed that mainstream operating systems and applications have become easier to use over the years (supposedly).

Tasks that use to be complex procedures and required experienced professional to do can now be done at the push of a button.

For instance, setting up an Active Directory domain in Windows 2000 or higher can now be done by a wizard leading even the most novice technical person to believe they can “securely” setup the operating environment.

This is actually quite far from the truth. Half the time this procedure fails because DNS does not configure properly or security permissions are relaxed because the end user cannot perform a specific function.

If It’s Easy To Develop, Is It Also Secure

One of the reasons why operating systems and applications “appear” to be easier to work with then they use to is developers have created procedures and reusable objects to take care of all the complex tasks for you.

For instance, back in the old days when I started as a developer using assembly language and c/c++, I had to write pretty much all the code myself.

Now everything is visually driven, with millions of lines of code already written for you.

All you have to do is create the framework for your application and the development environment and compiler adds all the other complex stuff for you.

Who wrote this other code? How can you be sure it is secure. Basically, you have no idea and there is no easy way to answer this question.

Secure Environments Don’t Exist Well With Complexity

The reality is it may look easier on the surface but the complexity of the backend software can be incredible.

And guess what, secure environments do not coexist well with complexity.

This is one of the reasons there are so many opportunities for hackers, viruses, and malware to attack your computers.

How many bugs are in the Microsoft Operating System?

I can almost guarantee that no one really knows for sure, not even Microsoft developers.

However, I can tell you that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of bugs, holes, and security weaknesses in mainstream systems and applications just waiting to be uncovered and maliciously exploited.

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