Recover Deleted Files

Lost some important files? Can’t find your documents anymore? A folder with photos is gone?

The problem of lost or mistakenly deleted files is quite common.

Even if you backup your most important files frequently, there’s always a chance that something happens right before the next backup.

Home computers are often shared with other family members, so some files may be deleted simply as a matter of misunderstanding.

For example, your son may think that you have already those photos and videos from your last vacation burned to a CD. So, he erases the photos and videos to free some space for a new game…

Is there a way to recover deleted files?

Yes. This operation is known as undelete, or unerase.

Many years ago, before the introduction of Windows 95 with its Recycle Bin, small command-line utilities named ‘undelete’ or ‘unerase’ were supplied with operating systems to make possible recovering of mistakenly removed files.

The undelete feature was also built into File Manager of earlier versions of Windows. In Windows 3.1, if you removed a file by mistake, you could choose to recover it by clicking the corresponding option in File Manager.

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