Registry Cleaners and You

Delete it, or Scrub it Clean? Fixing Computer Registry Errors

Because the registry is such a sensitive and vital part of your computer’s operation, it takes a skilled technician to correctly clean it, and it can take such a specialist several hours, or even days, to inventory a whole file directory.

For this reason, many people prefer to reformat the hard drive entirely, even going as far as reinstalling the operating system.

Although this fix is pretty much always effective, it is very time consuming because it requires backing up all the files and programs on your computer first.

Of course, it is easy to forget to back up a file, but almost impossible to get it back once the reformat is complete, so before you set out to completely wipe and reinstall your hard drive, you might want to consider other options.

While it takes the most capable computer technician much time to manually inspect and correct a registry, there are software programs that do this job automatically and in half the time.

These programs, called registry cleaners, are widely available, sometimes even for free.

Of course, since your registry is important and complicated enough to trust to a specialist, you want to feel secure about any program that will be combing through your computer’s most vital codes and folders.

Before you rush out and buy the most expensive registry scrubber you can find or download the first free application you see, there is some basic information about these programs that you should know first.

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