Registry Cleaners and You

Created Equal? How to Find the Right Computer Registry Scrubber for You

To the untrained eye, there seems to be only two types of registry cleaners: those that are free and those that are not.

Some people assume that officially licensed Windows programs work best and automatically purchase a registry scrubber.

Others, faced with two seemingly identical programs, one of which is free, will always choose the free program. In reality, there is no correlation between price and quality.

There are some equally good programs in both camps, and the only way to tell the difference is to get a sense of what people are saying about the programs and to compare the features of each choice.

Not all registry scrubbers are created equal. Some perform incomplete scans, leaving corrupted files and folders, and a few can actually damage your computer further.

One way to get a sense of what a specific registry scrubber actually does is to look at its features and its ability to access and provide technical support.

Each registry scrubber uses different cleaning features, including registry optimizers and compactors, adware and spyware removers, and deep scans.

There are also features that focus on communicating with the user, such as those that offer detailed descriptions of any problems encountered or ignore lists.

Comparing registry scrubber program features on a side by side basis can help you pick the application that is best for you and your PC.

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