Replacing Windows Regedit

There are numerous third-party alternatives to practically every tool available with Windows.

Scandisk is superseded with various data recovery tools that are vastly superior to the quite limited Windows tool; Outlook Express isn’t any better than any other email client on the market; Windows Task Manager has a number of free and commercial alternatives.

Even Internet Explorer has a number of third-party replacements that offer better security and more features. Regedit is no exception to the trend.

Reg Organizer is a vastly superior alternative to Windows Regedit. Unlike direct product replacements such as FireFox – Internet Explorer or Thunderbird – Outlook Express, Reg Organizer dips into waters not tested by any Microsoft tool.

Instead of just cloning Microsoft Regedit feature by feature, Reg Organizer provides numerous benefits to its users, unseen in any Microsoft registry tool.

Not only it can edit the Windows Registry; it can find errors and fix them automatically. By cleaning out the Registry, Reg Organizer vastly improves the performance of your PC.

It reduces the clutter, removes junk and makes your Registry more compact, allowing Windows run faster and smoother.

All of these optimization features don’t look like Reg Organizer is a direct replacement of Windows Regedit, but hold on!

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