There are multiple Linux distributions (OS) such as Ubuntu and CentOS.

There are two interfaces to use Linux

Using Linux CLI

Command Line Cheat Sheet

./Current working directory
~Home directory
.filenameThe ‘.’ signifies ‘filename’ is a hidden file
pwdPresent working directory
cd ..
cd /
Change directory
Move one directory up
Move to root
ls -R
ls -a
ls -al
List directory contents
List contents of directory and its subcontents
List directory contents including hidden
List directory contents including hidden with details
cat > filename
cat filename1 filename2>filename3
List contents of file (e.g. cat note.txt)
Creates new file
Merges filename1 & filename2 to filename3
Copies(cp)/Moves(mv) file to a chosen directory
e.g. cp abc.txt /home/<username>/Desktop
copies abc.txt to Desktop (moves if mv over cp)

Linux Flavor/Distro



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