ACT setup guide (with installer):



Use as much Ability as possible during Spell/WS’s GCD’s cooldown.


Cooldown – each has their own


Spells are based on Spell Speed attribute; WeaponSkill is based on Skill Speed attribute.

Spell & WS are the same with Spell is magical and WS is physical as difference.

Cooldown – ~2.5s GCD (Global Cool Down), i.e. shared between all Spell/WSs



The GCD is the amount of time it takes to use weaponskills/spells. Default GCD is 2.5s (can be reduced with equipment)

oGCD = “Off Global Cooldown” – An ability which has its own cooldown timer and can generally be used in-between global cooldown (GCD) abilities, spells or weapon skills.

Weaving = using Ability during GCD

Doubleweaving is using 2 Abilities during GCD

GCD clipping happens when you use an Ability that prevents you from being able to activate your next GCD skill. You’ll notice a delay between when you hit the button and when the skill ACTUALLY activates. And we’re not talking about the animation. You are simply unable to use this skill until the clipping is finished. Usually this only happens if you activate your ability really late or if you doubleweave in high latency.

The other form of “clipping” is refreshing DoTs and debuffs before their timers expire. Depending on skill, this could help or hinder you. For example, Monks want to clip Dragon Kick, but not Demolish.

There is a third form of clipping that is more dire than either of these two; since we all know glamour is the true end game. When your hair or weapon passes through the model on your armor or helmet or vice versa. Truly the most horrifying and game breaking form of clipping. /s


DoT is dmg done to target in ticks for a certain duration

For DoT’s total Potency: (duration/3) * Potency

Skill 01: 360/30s = 12 PPS <– 30 Potency per tick

Skill 02: 590/18s = 13 PPS <– 40 Potency per tick

DoTs tick every 3 seconds. 

It does 40 potency each tick over the course of that 12 seconds. 

If the duration plays out, it will have done 160 potency (4×40)

12/3 * 40

Dummies in the Overworld

Lvl 1 Dummies:

  • Central Shroud – The Bannock (X: 24.0, Y: 19.5) (X:23.4, Y: 20.5)
  • Middle La Noscea – Summerford Farm (X: 26.2, Y: 17.4)
  • Western Thanalan – Scorpion Crossing (X: 26.3, Y: 24.7) (X: 26.3, Y: 23.7)
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front (X: 13.1, Y: 17.1)

Lvl 50 Dummies:

  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front (X: 13.5, Y: 16.8)
  • Coerthas Western Highlands – Falcon’s Nest (X: 31.5, Y: 38.7)
  • The Dravanian Forelands – Tailfeather (X: 32.7,Y: 24.7)
  • The Dravanian Hinterlands – The Collector’s Quarter (X: 22.8, Y: 16.7)


Class / Jobs



  • Damage
    • Spells
      • Ruin, Ruin II, …
      • Aethercharge (upgrades to Deadwyrm Trance)
      • Outburst
      • Sleep
    • Ability
      • Energy Drain, Fester, Painflare
      • Addle
  • Enhancement Spells
    • HP: Physick, Resurrection
    • MP: Lucid Dreaming
    • Swiftcast, Surecast
  • Pet
    • Summon: Carbuncle, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald
    • Orders: Away, Heel, Place, Stay, Guard, Steady
    • Damage
      • Spells
        • Aethercharge (upgrades to Deadwyrm Trance)
        • Gemshine, Precious Brilliance
    • Enhancement Ability: Radiant Aegis
The Ruin spells replace one another when one upgrades as SMN levels up (e.g. Ruin II replaces Ruin)
Carbuncle is the only summon you can order around (Ruby, Topaz, Emerald are Ifrit, Titan and Garuda respectively)
Cast Deadwyrm Trance for Ifrit/Titan/Garuda use
Cast Swiftcast to make spells cast instantaneously


Summon Carbuncle:

  • Self: Radiant Aegis
  • Single: Ifrit/Titan/Garuda > Gemshine
  • AoE: Ifrit/Titan/Garuda > Precious Brilliance

For single:

  • Addle
  • Energy Drain > Fester
  • Deadwyrm Trance > Astral Impulse

For AoE:

  • Energy Siphon > Painflare
  • Deadwyrm Trance > Deathflare
  • Deadwyrm Trance > Astral Flare



  • WeaponSkill
    • Single: Riposte, Zwerchhau, Redoublement
    • Multi: Moulinet
  • Spell
    • Jolt, Scatter
    • Verthunder, Veraero, Verfire, Verstone
    • Verthunder II, Veraero II
    • Vercure
    • Sleep
  • Ability
    • Corps-a-corps, Displacement
    • Engagement
    • Contre Sixte
    • Addle
    • Embolden, Manafication
    • Lucid Dreaming
    • Acceleration, Swiftcast, Surecast
Acceleration: Cast of Veraero/Verthunder/Scatter will be immediate
Verthunder/Veraero raises black/white mana respectively + 50% chance to enable Verfire/Verstone
Every consequent spell is cast instantaneously
Corps-a-corps: Bring yourself close to target; Displacement: Push yourself away from target
Raise mana with Manafication and dmg spells
Riposte/Zwerchhau/Redoublement/Moulinet becomes enchanted @ 20++ white & black mana


For single: 

  • Close/Far Range
    • Jolt/Verfire/Verstone > Veraero/Verthunder
    • Acceleration > Veraero/Verthunder
    • Fleche
  • Close range:
    • (if possible, @ 80 BM & WM => Enchanted): Riposte > Zwercchau > Redoublement

For AoE:

  • Veraero II/Verthunder II > Scatter
  • Acceleration > Scatter
  • Contre Sixte
  • Close Range
    • Enchanted Moulinet
    • Engagement

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