ACT setup guide (with installer):


Set 1

Lucid Dreaming



R2 (Outburst for Multi; Ruin for Single)
Outburst +
Energy Siphon

Ruin + Energy Drain
Outburst + Fester
Miasma + Bio IIRuin + Fester
Miasma + Bio II

Priority:Party MembersEnemyWhen meet 1 enemy:Swiftcast + Addle for magic-based enemy+ Surecast if directly attackedMiasma + Bio IIRepeat below cycle till {Miasma + Bio II} needs to refresh then go back to {Swiftcast}Ruin + Energy DrainRuin + Fester x 2 When meet multiple enemies:SwiftcastMiasma + Bio IIBaneRepeat below cycle till {Miasma + Bio II} needs to refresh then go back to {Swiftcast}Ruin + Energy DrainRuin + Fester x 2 Use Lucid Dreaming whenever MP low enoughIf with Summon,After Fester, shift to Egi, then back to Ruin/OutburstSet 4 Ifrit for singleSet 4 Titan if directly targetedSet 2 or 3 for multi
Set ?


When attacking, 

either with summon or without

for either cases, single or multi enemies


without summon

single enemy

multi enemies

with summon

single enemy

multi enemies

single enemy

w/o summon Set 1

with summon (Egi Assault I) single enemy (Ifrit/Titan) Set 2

with summon, for +self-defense (Egi Assault I) single enemies (Titan) Set 3

multi enemies

w/o summon Set 1

with summon (Egi Assault I) multi enemies (Garuda) Set 4

with summon (Egi Assault II) multi enemies (Titan/Garuda/Ifrit) Set 5

Set hotbar sets:

without summon

single enemy

without summon

multi enemies

with summon (Egi Assault I)

single enemy (Ifrit)

with summon (Egi Assault I)

multi enemies (Garuda)

with summon (Egi Assault II)

multi enemies (Titan/Garuda/Ifrit)

with summon, for +self-defense (Egi Assault I)

single/multi enemies (Titan)

For ALL cases, you need Miasma + Bio II (and Bane) active

without summon:

Ruin and Energy Drain

if summon, prioritize Egi Assault, if no summon, just Ruin

The GCD is the amount of time it takes to use weaponskills/spells. Default GCD is 2.5s (can be reduced with equipment)

oGCD = “Off Global Cooldown” – An ability which has its own cooldown timer and can generally be used in-between global cooldown (GCD) abilities, spells or weapon skills.

Weaving = using Ability during GCD

Doubleweaving is using 2 Abilities during GCD

GCD clipping happens when you use an Ability that prevents you from being able to activate your next GCD skill. You’ll notice a delay between when you hit the button and when the skill ACTUALLY activates. And we’re not talking about the animation. You are simply unable to use this skill until the clipping is finished. Usually this only happens if you activate your ability really late or if you doubleweave in high latency.

The other form of “clipping” is refreshing DoTs and debuffs before their timers expire. Depending on skill, this could help or hinder you. For example, Monks want to clip Dragon Kick, but not Demolish.

There is a third form of clipping that is more dire than either of these two; since we all know glamour is the true end game. When your hair or weapon passes through the model on your armor or helmet or vice versa. Truly the most horrifying and game breaking form of clipping. /s

DoT is dmg done to target in ticks for a certain duration

For DoT’s total Potency: (duration/3) * Potency

Skill 01: 360/30s = 12 PPS <– 30 Potency per tick

Skill 02: 590/18s = 13 PPS <– 40 Potency per tick

DoTs tick every 3 seconds. 

It does 40 potency each tick over the course of that 12 seconds. 

If the duration plays out, it will have done 160 potency (4×40)

12/3 * 40



For single: 

  • Jolt/Verfire/Verstone > Veraero/Verthunder
  • (Acceleration > Jolt > Veraero/Verthunder > ) Verfire/Verstone > Veraero/Verthunder
  • Fleche
  • @ 80BM & WM, Enchanted: Riposte > Zwercchau > Redoublement

For AoE: Veraero/Verthunder II > Scatter

Acceleration: Next 3 casts of Veraero/Verthunder will trigger Verfire/Verstone ready

Corps-a-corps: Bring yourself close to target

Displacement: Push yourself away from target

Dummies in the Overworld

Lvl 1 Dummies:

  • Central Shroud – The Bannock (X: 24.0, Y: 19.5) (X:23.4, Y: 20.5)
  • Middle La Noscea – Summerford Farm (X: 26.2, Y: 17.4)
  • Western Thanalan – Scorpion Crossing (X: 26.3, Y: 24.7) (X: 26.3, Y: 23.7)
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front (X: 13.1, Y: 17.1)

Lvl 50 Dummies:

  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front (X: 13.5, Y: 16.8)
  • Coerthas Western Highlands – Falcon’s Nest (X: 31.5, Y: 38.7)
  • The Dravanian Forelands – Tailfeather (X: 32.7,Y: 24.7)
  • The Dravanian Hinterlands – The Collector’s Quarter (X: 22.8, Y: 16.7)

Table Name [ROW], [COLUMN]


Floored Value = ⌊ 23.999 ⌋→23Ceiling Value = ⌈ 23.111 ⌉→24

Before: ⌊ ⌊ ⌊ x × y ⌋ × z ⌋ × w ⌋ → After: ⌊ x × y ⌋ × z ⌋ × w

Attribute = ⌊ Level Lv, MAIN ×  Job Job, Attribute /100  ⌋ + Clan Clan, Attribute + Traits ⌋ × PT Bonus ⌋ × Food and Potions ⌋

AttributeClasses with primary attributeJobs with primary attribute
StrengthLancer, Pugilist, Marauder, GladiatorDragoon, Monk, Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker
DexterityArcher, RogueBard, Ninja, Machinist, Dancer
VitalityMarauder, GladiatorWarrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker
IntelligenceThaumaturge, ArcanistBlack Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Blue Mage
MindConjurerWhite Mage, Scholar, Astrologian

e.g. for lv. 53 SMN: Attribute = [207×115/100]+2+

HP = ⌊ Level Lv, HP ×  Job Job, HP /100 ⌋ + ⌊ ( VIT – Level Lv, MAIN ) x 22.1 ⌋

Tank HP = ⌊ Level Lv, HP ×  Job Job, HP /100 ⌋ + ⌊ ( VIT – Level Lv, MAIN ) x 31.5 ⌋

e.g. for lv. 53 SMN: HP = [1931×105/100]+[(544-207)x22.1]=2027.55+7447.7=9475.25

213 5969

How to be a Math Wizard – Third Edition

Work by Allagan Studies(formerly Theoryjerks) Discord. Written by Gouka Mekkyaku.

The way to practice Job utility in actual battle, solo, without earning EXP is: Play dungeons, Solo and Undersized. Undersized setting will make you don’t earn any exp point. And Dungeon play through can actually test your skill, depends on which Dungeon you played.

Maybe you can try from the top, then next one, one by one.

Or, you can try the highest level dungeon that potentially possible to clear, solo & Undersize as Level 50 RDM / SMN (tested by me):(edited)

Stone Vigil (Level 41) – As level 52 RDM(Sisipu)/level 50 RDM (Volace), I can make pass 1st mid-boss, but couldn’t make pass 2nd mid-boss. (If you can make pass 2nd mid boss that means you are better than me. Do record your playthrough and send me.) – As level 52 SMN(Sisipu), although barely, I can finish the whole dungeon.

—- – Play “The Sunken Temple of Qarn” to experience the potential gimmick of Dungeons this game can offer: If you don’t solve the puzzle, you cannot continue on. – If you tried “The Stone Vigil” and felt too hard, or died a lot, perhaps you can try “The Cutter’s Cry” 1st. The Cutter’s Cry is easier to conquest than The Stone Vigil, but still provide challenge: You will die if you’r not careful. – The bosses in both “The Cutter’s Cry” and “The Stone Vigil” have gimmicks. If you cannot beat them, try consider things like ‘Maybe some attack can be avoid by positioning.’ – Maybe you can try to retry and aim to conquest by yourself, but you are free to ask me when you having trouble conquest some part of the dungeon. I can tell you some tricks.(edited)

— I tried some run yesterday night and just now, and the dungeons really tested my skill. You really should try it. —- This might not necessary, but if you record your playthrough and show me, I can pin point the part you missed, able to advice you accurately. And if you need, I can record my playthrough and show you. You can ask.

————— Treasure in your Undersize Dungeons.(edited)

Restrict ourselves to not earn exp doesn’t means we cannot earn treasures. When you playthorough undersizes dungeon, you can freely take the treasures no problem. Those treasure in dungeons mostly provide you gears, which are same level with the dungeons.(edited)

Sorry I just realised, if you don’t wish to earn EXP, you cannot complete more than 5 Dungeon per week, even in Undersized, because of this:(edited)

*Complete means the moment you won the Final boss of the dungeon.

Ability & Spell/WeaponSkill(WS)

Use as much Ability as possible during Spell/WS’s GCD’s cooldown.


Cooldown – each has their own


Spell & WS are the same with Spell is magical and WS is physical as difference.

Cooldown – ~2.5s GCD (Global Cool Down), i.e. shared between all Spell/WSs