• Gather items for crafting
  • Store a certain amount of items for crafting (use retainer to sell the rest)
  • Disassemble unused gears
  • Use Gamer Escape (most detailed and updated source found) to find out more about items
  • You want to always be up-to-date with your craft/gather job quest


  1. Craft/Gather and deliver to the Grand Company that you’re affilated with (to gain exp & seals; to get items with the seals; seals will be used to increase rank)
  2. Perform Levequests (Levemetes (Tradecraft (DoH) ; Fieldcraft (DoL))) (to gain exp & gil)
    • Levemete is quest giver, Levequest a.k.a. Guildleve is quest given by Levemete
    • Leve allowance max 100
      • +3 levequests availability (levequest allowance) replenish every 12 hours


For materia, seek Mutamix

Items Selling