FF14 Emote Sign List:

(/in-game-command)[Emote text]

Sign meaning



Initiating / This is the one / 

I’m doing this. You wanna do it too?



Ok / Let’s do it / 

Roger / I’m ready / I’m done


(/no)[Shake head]

No / I refuse / 

I have different idea / I’m not ready / I’m doing other stuff


(/psych)[psych up]

Let’s go to the next destination / 

Meet you at the next destination / 

Let’s go on separate way



Follow me / 

Ride with me (Mount) / 

Ride my Teleport



brb / AFK / Logging off


(/point)[point to]

You proceed, I’ll follow your back / 

You start the fight, I’ll follow up /

Your lead



I take back my last sigh / 

My last sigh was a mistake