Things to Do in FFXIV


Gold Saucer


Grand Company



Craft & Gather




The way to practice Job utility in actual battle, solo, without earning EXP is: Play dungeons, Solo and Undersized. Undersized setting will make you don’t earn any exp point. And Dungeon play through can actually test your skill, depends on which Dungeon you played.

Maybe you can try from the top, then next one, one by one.

Or, you can try the highest level dungeon that potentially possible to clear, solo & Undersize as Level 50 RDM / SMN (tested by me):(edited)

Stone Vigil (Level 41) – As level 52 RDM(Sisipu)/level 50 RDM (Volace), I can make pass 1st mid-boss, but couldn’t make pass 2nd mid-boss. (If you can make pass 2nd mid boss that means you are better than me. Do record your playthrough and send me.) – As level 52 SMN(Sisipu), although barely, I can finish the whole dungeon.

—- – Play “The Sunken Temple of Qarn” to experience the potential gimmick of Dungeons this game can offer: If you don’t solve the puzzle, you cannot continue on. – If you tried “The Stone Vigil” and felt too hard, or died a lot, perhaps you can try “The Cutter’s Cry” 1st. The Cutter’s Cry is easier to conquest than The Stone Vigil, but still provide challenge: You will die if you’r not careful. – The bosses in both “The Cutter’s Cry” and “The Stone Vigil” have gimmicks. If you cannot beat them, try consider things like ‘Maybe some attack can be avoid by positioning.’ – Maybe you can try to retry and aim to conquest by yourself, but you are free to ask me when you having trouble conquest some part of the dungeon. I can tell you some tricks.(edited)

— I tried some run yesterday night and just now, and the dungeons really tested my skill. You really should try it. —- This might not necessary, but if you record your playthrough and show me, I can pin point the part you missed, able to advice you accurately. And if you need, I can record my playthrough and show you. You can ask.

————— Treasure in your Undersize Dungeons.(edited)

Restrict ourselves to not earn exp doesn’t means we cannot earn treasures. When you playthorough undersizes dungeon, you can freely take the treasures no problem. Those treasure in dungeons mostly provide you gears, which are same level with the dungeons.(edited)

Sorry I just realised, if you don’t wish to earn EXP, you cannot complete more than 5 Dungeon per week, even in Undersized, because of this:(edited)

*Complete means the moment you won the Final boss of the dungeon.


Conglatulation on clearing 2.0.

Conglatulation on coming back to Volace.

From now on the game would offer you large varieties of contents,

and you have the freedom to enjoy them all,

such as level up other jobs, 

Crafter & Gatherer,

Making Relic Weapons, 

Gold Saucer contents, 

PvP contents,

and a lot more.

Although I would really like for us to always play together,

It might be impossible for us to play all the contents together.

But beside than Main quests, 

there are contents that I wish for us to experiance together.

Beside than main quests, there are 2 more series of contents

that I would like to ask you to experiance together in the same pace,

just like how we done the main quests.

In total, we will have 3 series to play together with:

MQ series: Main quest route.

EX series: High difficulty contents. 24p contents.

HB series: Hxxxxxxxxx quests.

What do you think?


Advice while transfering to Volace:


-1- Make Fara’s Settings into Volace’s.

Go to Directory:

C:\Users\[name]\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn

There should have FFXIV_CHR folders.

It contents your character’s settings, 

including your Hotbar, HUD, Macros.

What you would do is to CnP Fara’s settings,

and replace Volace’s to Fara’s.

You have to figure out which one is Fara’s folder.

Backup everything in one folder, delete it and log into the game.

If Fara’s settings had been reset, the one that you deleted is Fara’s.

Retrive your backup and replace.


-2- Transfer Fara’s items to Volace.

Follow this steps, 1 means higher priority:

1. If any of Fara’s gear is convertable, and the spiritbond is completed, 

       convert them into materials.

(2. If any of Fara’s gear is convertable, but the spiritbond is not yet completed,

       battle until they are spiritbond, then convert them into materials.

       it takes time, so you can skip this if you don’t want to.)

2. If Fara have gears thas is RARE (Green or Pink color)

       deliver them to GrandCompany.

3. Exchange Company Seals for Dark Matter G5 or G6.

4. Exchange Allied Seals for Crafting materials.

(5. Sell all other gears Fara has for gils.)

Tell me when you need to transfer. I can help.


(Since Volace is now wearing gears that made by Aquila long ago,

   there is no need to worry about Item Level, for now.

   But still, best to explain.)

From now on, instate of leveling up,

You should pay attention to your gears’ Item level.

Leveling up makes no much sense anymore, until you reach Heavensward(*).

Instate, you have to raise your Item level to increase your stats,

and to be able to participate further contents.

You won’t be able to participate further contents if your IL is not high enough.

(* For obvious reasons,

   I recommand u to prevent from taking too much exp until Heavensward.

   One way is to distribute your exp gain to other multiple Jobs.)


When you have time,

Use Fara to take quests that Volace had took and rewatch them,

Such as the classes quests that Volace had cleared,

Quests that unlock features (to understand what the feature does), etc…

Like Gold Saucer, you can Use Fara to take the quest 

to watch the moment when you first go to Gold Saucer.

It might sound troublesome and time consuming, 

but check the quests marks on both of your characters.

If Fara have the Quest Mark and Volace don’t have, take it.


You now have freedom to try everything in the game, and do everything in the game.


Okay, there are some advice while you try everything:

– Always summon out your chocobo while battle. Prepare the greens.

– Class quests and Job quests contain huge stories. 

  Try them out when you have free time.

– You might want to leave L.A.F and join other FC. L.A.F is being too quite.

– Please spend some time to think of ways to improvice your SMN.

  Change HUD, Hotbar, anything. Experiment the settings that makes you act better.

  Fight the Dummy, smoothen your skill rotation. 

– Always ask me when you encounter something you unfamiliar with.

  You can ask me when you need help in game, such as forming PT for sub quests.

  Please talk with me when you have question about our current playing style.


One of the best way to depose these low level gears is to deliver all of them to Grand Company, and earn Company Seals. And with the additional Company Seals, you can use them for your Squadron, or exchange items (with the people standing next to the Officer). ———-(edited)

To be safe, backup all your FFXIV_CHR folder now.(edited)

Ah Disassemble is a great way too. To level up your Disassemble level

Maybe you can disassemble the gears that will give disassemble exp: If your current disassemble level is very high, and try to disassemble low level gears, you won’t gain any exp. If the additional gears are too low level to provide disassemble exp, you can deliver them to Grand Company.(edited)




Ability & Spell/WeaponSkill(WS)

Use as much Ability as possible during Spell/WS’s GCD’s cooldown.


Cooldown – each has their own


Spell & WS are the same with Spell is magical and WS is physical as difference.

Cooldown – ~2.5s GCD (Global Cool Down), i.e. shared between all Spell/WSs

Grand Company


To recruit and send for mission. 

To grow, have to find better recruits and replace with current.

Each mission can be completed once per week, reset every Tuesday 4pm (Earth time).



Check regimen board to train unit’s overall physical, mental and tactical strength.

Each training takes 1 hour Earth time (check @ Duty > Timers > Adventurer Squadron)


Missions can take hours. If successful, will gain ????.


Gil, MGP, Seals, Wolf Mark, Allagan Currency





FF14 terms: Utility

Ahhh Pieces

then ya, that is for sell.

L1 or push joystick forward to accelerate

Pull joystick backward to decelerate (advise to do when stamina bar shows “Lathered”)

Glamour and dye


Mark cannot be remove.

Marked person will be sucked.

Stand on the Vines will prevent being sucked. (Surecast will do the job too)

Rafflesia’s rear is the safe spot to attack.

It is basic in FF14 but one thing about this fight is, Tank will walk around the boss to adjust the direction where Boss is facing, so all the other peoples should, and will need to always move to adjust.

About Seed and Vine.

3/4 seeds will spawn in arena periodically throughout the battle. 

Left alone, seeds will become vines, covering large area.

Standing on the vine will suffer damage over time so usually it is best to not stand there but,

standing on Vine is one of the very few ways to prevent being sucked to the boss (Yellow mark).

If the seed spawn at the centre of the area, since the centre is the place where the battle will mostly happens,

it must be removed to prevent vine spawn at the centre and create chaotic situations.



All party members other than MT, will fight behind the enemies

[MT]   <{Enemy(s)}  <  [Other party members]


[What does the seed do?]

[Left alone, seeds will become vines, covering large area.]


[When seed spawn at the centre of the area, will any player be yellow-marked when the seed is there?]



[Sometimes there is a long brown line connecting players to something, what’s that for?]

2 peoples connected will suffer damage. The 2 peoples have to distance each other to remove the line.


Inner quiet gives you a boost to your control stat every time you successfully increase the quality of your synthesis.

Basic Touch (-1 Dur; 18 CP) to increase quality