The Gutenberg WordPress block editor is the page builder for WordPress 5.0+, replacing the WordPress classic editor.

The blocks include everything from paragraphs, headings, lists, images, galleries, embeds and much more.

Add-on blocks such as the GenerateBlocks can be added through plugins in WordPress Dashboard.

Gutenberg’s reusable block is able to be reused anywhere in the website; when one block type’s content is changed, every location in the website that has the block will be changed simultaneously. To not make every other location’s block change, create a new one @ {GenerateBlocks > Local Templates} and use that.

Styling Blocks with CSS

To style blocks, can use the Editor Plus plugin.

/* Header background color */
.wp-block-table th { background: #000; }
/* First row background color */
.wp-block-table tr:nth-child(1) {background: #000; }

Post/Page Anchor

Others that add blocks to Gutenberg’s block :


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