Doman Mahjong


Played between 4 players (including AIs)

There are 2 types of tile:

Number Tiles
Honor Tiles

There are 4 of each tile (e.g. 4 tiles) making it a total of 136 tiles available for use.

There are 2 types of meld:



4 players will play game with 13 tiles in hand and 1 will win with 14 tiles (or draw if no one is able to win).

The 14 winning tiles consists of 4 melds (groups) and 1 pair. For example:

1 player, chosen automatically as dealer, will start first.

Every turn, player will draw a tile and discard 1 tile from hand. Turn is in anti-clockwise direction.

2 ways to draw

  1. Draw from wall (stack)
  2. Draw from left player (Chii, Pon, Kan)

Can play with hand (fully) closed or (partially) open when call/declare Chii, Pon or Kan.

Chii – when drawn discard tile makes Straight

Pon – when drawn discard makes Triplet

Concealed when drawn from wall; Open when drawn from discard.

2 ways to win

  1. Tsumo – winning tile drawn from wall
  2. Ron – winning tile drawn from discard

Tenpai when 1 more tile needed to win.

Declare win when hand has at least 1 yaku (yaku list). Yaku is the patterns in the list).

Two types of matches:

  • Full match: 8 hands (rounds)
  • Quick match: 4 hands (rounds)

In every next hand, dealer role is transferred to the right player of the previous hand’s dealer (dealer stays dealer if win hand).

Each player begins with 25,000 points. Player with the most points in the end is the winner.

Points are calculated based on the yaku’s han.

1 Han1,000 Points
2 Han2,000 Points
3 Han3,900 Points
4 Han
5 Han
8,000 Points
6 Han
7 Han
12,000 Points
8 Han
9 Han
10 Han
16,000 Points
11 Han
12 Han
24,000 Points
13 Han and higher32,000 Points
Tsumo (⭐is dealer)
  • Left: han increase 50%
  • Right: dealer pays double of normal han
Ron(⭐is dealer) – payment only by the last discard-tile player
  • Left: 50% increase from 8000
  • Right: normal han amount paid


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