Programming Nomenclatures

List of programming nomenclatures.


Collection of modules.

Some libraries: TensorFlow


Collection of codes (functions, variables, etc.)

functions attached to specific classes (or instances) in object-oriented programming.


Collection of libraries


Made up of a block of code to perform task.

# Python
def hellof(): print("Hello function")

hellof() # outputs: Hello function

Class, Object & Property

All classes have a function called __init__(), which is always executed when the class is being initiated.

Use the __init__() function to assign values to object properties, or other operations that are necessary to do when the object is being created:

# Python

# Person is class
# __init__ is function
# self is the __init__ function's parameter
# p1 is object
# "John" and 36 are properties of object p1

class Person:
  def __init__(self, name, age):
    self.namez = name
    self.agez = age

p1 = Person("John", 36) 

print(p1.namez) # output: John 
print(p1.agez) # output: 36


Method can have multiple definitions, below are a few:

  • (“member functions”) are similar to functions, they belongs to classes or objects and usually expresses the verbs of the objects/class. For example, an object of type Window usually would have methods open and close which do corresponding operations to the object they belong.
  • A method is a code block containing a series of statements. In C#, every executed instruction is done so in the context of a method.
  • Method is a function of object. It is defined in class. 
  • Method Refers to the action that object can perform.


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