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Install CMake

In a folder, create 2 files:

#include <iostream>

int main()
	std::cout << "This is a CMake test X" << std::endl;
	return 0;
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION "3.21.2")
# set version according to your installed CMake's version

# set project name
add_executable("${PROJECT_NAME}" "Main.cpp")
# creates exe based on the *.cpp with name as previously set project name

set(some_var "a" "b" "c") 
# some_var is variable and a;b;c its values
# message() will print a;b;c accessed through ${}

Build by creating a new folder in CMakeLists.txt’s directory, cd to it and run code below

cmake ..

Make the executable (*.exe) (can run the executable in Shell/Terminal after making)

cmake --build <dir>
CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIRRoot directory of the CMakeLists.txt

CMake Repository

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