Setting Up Virtual Machine

  1. Press New button
  2. Set settings accordingly and press Create
    • Red Hat for CentOS
  3. Press Start (Normal Start generally) button to use

Using Virtual Machine

Guide (setup etc.): press F1 when running VirtualBox

  • After setting up, mount the image file: Machine > Settings > Storage > Controller: IDE
  • Press the right Ctrl button (a.k.a. Host button) to release mouse from VBox
  • To change allocated disk size: File > Virtual Media Manager > Attributes > Size
  • For resize window or/and copy-paste features
    • Prerequisites:
      1. Run the installer @ Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image
      2. Reboot VM OS
  • If boots in black screen, do one of these:
    • Increase storage capacity
    • Increase video memory (Settings > Display > Screen) to 64MB
    • Switch Graphics Controller (Settings > Display > Screen)
    • Increase # of processors Settings->System->Processor)
    • Boot to recovery moot (press Shift @ boot)

to fix VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED for guest additions with a ubuntu guest and windows 10 host is:

  1. Shut down (not save state) your virtualbox
  2. Right-click on your machine in the virtualbox manager -> settings
  3. Click on storage
  4. Right-click on the cd drive and “remove attachment” 
  5. After removing, click on the little CD symbol next to “Controller: IDE”
  6. Choose “leave empty”
  7. click “devices”->”Insert guest additions”

If unable to scroll in Show Application: Virtual Screen 1 > Resize to 1920×1080

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