How To Avoid Paying Interest

Credit card companies are offering more and more incentives these days for signing up for a new credit card. One of the incentives that Discover Card and other credit cards are offering is a 12 month 0% interest on all purchases and balance transfers. Why not take advantage of this offer by using the card for a one year 0% interest loan.

Are You Paying Interest?

Many people have credit card debt or other loans on which they are paying unnecessary interest fees. I say unnecessary because there is a simple way to completely avoid paying interest.

The Answer to Your Prayers:

Balance Transfer! So, what is a balance transfer? A balance transfer is when you move your balance from your existing card to another card that is giving you a better interest rate. In the case of a balance transfer a better interest rate means a 0% interest rate.

How Long Does it Last?

Well, the answer to the above question depends on which credit card you get. The longest I’ve seen 0% interest rates last is 12 months. But here is another secret. If you still need a non-interest loan past the 12 months then all you do is balance transfer to another credit card. Getting a new credit card will take you 10 minutes and you won’t pay interest ever again!

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