IT Certifications: Do Your Clients Even Understand Them?

When targeting small businesses that are in the sweet spot size, what IT certifications do you typically need? One thing to keep in mind is that you are not selling to a real IT manager in most cases.

Remember Who You Are Selling Your Services To

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule in certain industries and certain types of businesses. Generally you’re selling to a non-technical, small business owner. You’re selling to someone who understands his business really well but is not an IT professional.

As a result, they usually don’t have an appreciation of the differences between someone like a CNA and a CNE, or the difference between an MCT and an MCSE IT certification. This is another case where it’s not absolutely critical that you hold advanced level IT certifications in everything, or even be certified at all.

Start Small with Certification

If you feel that not having an IT certification is holding you back, it could be worthwhile to get one or two entry-level certifications. Then you can start working gradually toward more advanced IT certifications that you want to specialize in.

If you get too caught up in needing various IT certifications to market your business, you may end up losing out on possible business.

The Bottom Line about IT Certification

If you have launched your business, but are not doing the networking thing, not doing the follow-up or going out on sales calls, you may be missing opportunities.

You do not want to be running up bills for classes, have no billable hours and have nothing to show for it from a business development standpoint. It’s really important to set your priorities.

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