What Makes Full Color Postcards So Great?

There are so many formats of direct mails that one may choose from but the question is which among these will provide you with the best results? Here in Rush Postcard Printing we have been able to guide hundreds of clients in growing their business by means of full color postcards. Just what makes full color postcards so effective? For starters, full color postcards have that aesthetic appeal that never fails to charm and allure its recipients. In fact, as you probably notice that it’s not your common looking envelopes that grab your attention whenever you rummage in your mails but rather it’s the colorful postcards that you find interesting enough to read first.

And unlike any other direct mail advertising, postcards often times contain with it surprises. Isn’t it a great surprise to know that your favorite brand of jeans or shoes are offering a big discount for those who may purchase before the end of a certain specified date and any customers that bring along the postcard will avail additional discounts? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive such great news?

Likewise, direct mail postcards don’t require much of a reader’s time since it can be read in one sitting at a much lesser time. Every information included in a postcard is written in a concise and direct manner, there is no running around the bush. In addition, postcards are also great in creating name recognition and branding for business. Since postcards are not only sent once but many times, your customers will now grow accustomed to seeing your company’s logo on the postcard. That is why the next time they happen to see a similar logo they will immediately associate it with your business or company.

Postcards especially full color postcards are hard to pass up. It may be true that not all information contained in the postcard is read but the mere reading of the headline is enough to stimulate the interest of its readers.

Lastly, compared to other direct mail formats, full color postcards are by far cheaper since they foregone certain processes like folding, inserting, tabbing and many more. And it is also very easy to create since it doesn’t require too much inclusion of information. All you need is a headline and then relevant images on one side plus a glimpse of the benefits that may be derived from your products and services. And of course don’t forget to include pertinent information about your business like times and days of your operation, telephone numbers, and business address as well as other detail that you deem is important.

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