What To Write About

This is a perennial question among writers and wannabe’s.
Many of us dream of writing a book. Why not. What
greater story cans one write about than one’s own. Each
day brings a new beginning, a new page in the book of life.

What can you write about?

Someone said everyone has a story. How true. Each day
that pass by, is a page in your book of life Where to start?
From the very depths of your soul, from your heart.What
stirs you? What excites you?What challenges you? What
frustrates you? What makes you happy?

Are you having the so-called writer’s block? All blocks
can be readily removed, dealt with and best of all, replaced
with determination .Just sit down and start writing. Think
of a word, write about that word and keep writing. Simplistic?
Not really. A word can get your fingers flying on the
keyboard, or if you believe in paper and pen, go ahead
and let your thoughts flow out from the tip of your pen
to that precious paper.

Develop the habit of writing everyday, yes, everyday.
Write something and you’d be amazed at the database
of ideas stored in your brain waiting to be discovered.
You do not have to write about a new idea, a new concept,
a new theory. Think of a fresh approach, a different angle,
a different perspective.

Think of this: You go on a nature hike with four of your
friends. You take the same route, see the same scenery,
under the same canopy of foliage and sky and step on
the same terrain, hike under the same weather conditions.

After the hike, surely there will be five different versions of
the experience or adventure. You go home and describe the
day’s hike to family and friends, each one will have different
picture of the scenery, of the hikers and their experience. If
this day was captured and frozen in time with your camera,
each pair of eyes that looks at the picture will have different
perspective of each picture. Each one will see different features
that attracts their attention.

Life within you, life around you, people in your world,
your hobbies, your dreams, your adventures. The list goes
on. There is always an angle waiting to be discovered, an
idea eager to be interpreted, to be written and shared
with the world.
So, what’s holding you back? What is important is to
just sit down and start writing. Tap into that deep reserve
of knowledge that lies deep within. Swim in the river
of experience, enjoy the swim as you get in deeper, your
strokes stronger and more confident.

Don’t put it off for another day. Surprise yourself.
The world awaits to hear from you.


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