Working And Benefits Of Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit card payment processing has become a big payment mode in today’s trade or business practice. Credit card processing is a simple payment method that requires the swiping of the customer’s credit card by the trader, through the credit card processing machine.

Since this credit card processing procedure involves a widespread network of bank and merchant account holder’s, credit cards have become a growing craze among customers and thus credit card payment is the most preferred mode of payment among customers and traders across the world today.

This processing network basically comprises of credit card holder, credit card provider or bank and the merchant account owner or trader. The process of attaining payment through a credit card is to perform the exchange of information and money transaction from the customer’s bank account to the trader’s merchant account.

Procedure of credit card payment in actual comprises of a series of steps taken by the bank or the credit card company. Following are the steps that are performed before a customer gets to enjoy his/her purchase:

– The trader swipes the customer’s card through the credit card processing machine and then he dials the credit card number himself or asks the customer to do so.

– The bank or the credit card company scans or scrutinizes the customer’s account details, the amount of money available in his/her account, the validity of the card and the credibility of the card being used for purchase.

– Once the bank is done with its inspection, it gives a green signal to the trader to accept the customer’s purchase and to release the service to him/her.

– The moment the credit card payment takes place, bank also adds the pre-settled commissioned amount to the trader’s merchant account.

Thus, the easy looking payment is not just easy but also a quick one. While the customer is busy glancing at one product or more, the trader is ready with authorization from his bank for accepting the payment.

Credit card payment processing is not just a comfortable mode of payment but also a safe one too. These series of steps behind the finger snapping speed of payment via credit card does not just save a trader from fraud or illegal payment but also keeps the credit card number of a customer safe and allows cash free movement while shopping.

Payment via credit card may sound a benefit for a customer but in reality, it supports a trader the same way it facilitates a buyer. Following are the benefits of implementing credit card payment processing for both the trader and the buyer:

* It permits shopping without the need of carrying heavy cash
* It permits shopping even when a customer gets short of money
* If stolen, a customer can immediately call the bank and block the access to its account.
* It boosts the image of a business as it acts as a status symbol for shops and retail stores
* It increases the sale, as customer always tends to spend more than he or she plans
* It adds a commission into the trader or business owner’s account
* It allows trading even outside the office environment via mobile credit card processing equipment.

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