Your Good Time Starts Now….

I am so glad you attended the call on Thursday and took time to write back to me. I want to tell you that i love you from the bottom of my heart and i thank you for being the person who you are.

In the next two months we are going to work together and take your life to the next level. When i speak of next level i do not mean just money,health or relationships . Sure these things are of prime importance but in addition to helping you get all these i will also help you discover something very special, something very unique which no one in the world can take away from you… This would be my special gift to you…

The best part is all this does not require any effort. It is effortless and i will show you how. We will work on every area of your life where you have got stuck up and clear the path not just for the time being but for the entire duration of your whole earth life. You will watch as we make significant progress untying every mystery which surrounded you in the past.

This is a special program which John had wanted to do for a long long time. And now it is all ready….. But you have to be quick infact very quick to avail of the three one on one personal calls because they are very limited and i honestly cannot afford to do it for this price.

So here the gift: But you have to be quick to avail of it.

We are going to ship 11 DVDs which contains a whole bunch of videos,audios,ebooks,articles,stories which will captivate every being within you.

Second you will receive unlimited membership access to Spiritual Simplicity(more details on the page below ) where the current members are paying $97 per month(Value $997)

Third you get three one on one private calls of 40 minute each. with me(Value $750 plus) what i want you to do now is go to this page to see what we have to offer you.

The value is more than $4500 and you only have to pay a one time charge of only $249. Yes just $249 but you got to do this in the next couple of hours because this offer will be pulled away within 24 hours. Ofcourse you will get to avail of it later but the price would be $629. This price of $249 is valid only for the next 24 hours and i want you to get in because i am as excited as you are to help you take your life to the next level . Here is the page

love and affection


P.S. Remember the greatest influence in your life stronger even than your will power is your environment. Today you have got a golden chance to change it. A whole new world is waiting to embrace you. Go for it.

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