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Common Phone Battery Life Myths

Always before recharging, ensure your phone battery is empty or nearly empty.

The nickel-cadmium batteries’ capacity decreases whenever you recharge them too early, making the myth a fact instead. However, this does not apply to lithium-ion batteries, which are the type of batteries used in modern smart phones.

Never use incompatible power adapter to charge your phone battery

Although that is true, modern smart phones ensure that their port only allows the right adapter to be plugged in to avoid incompatibility – so as long as the phone can have its port plugged into by a power adapter, its battery can be charged properly. However, there is one thing to take note of – the charging speed may differ with different chargers due to the difference in charging technology of the adapter and the phone.

A new device needs to be fully charged the first time

No, there’s no need to make sure your device is fully charged before using it the first time. It is true however pre-modern lithium-ion batteries, so for now it being fully charged or not does not matter relatively.

Plugging-Unplugging a charging device repeatedly lowers battery life

Untrue, because although a battery has a limited amount of charge cycles, a single charge cycle can have multiple individual charges.

To make battery life as high as possible, always ensure device is fully charged

Also untrue; it is far better to have your device’s battery to be charged in several short bursts. The best charge level is really 30% – 70%.

If you are a big fan of getting a bit crazy inside the kitchen, then ingredients which might be slightly off-kilter (not in perfect balance) are kind of your thing. As such, there’s an awesome chance you may have really worked with a little gem referred to as infused olive oil. This ingredient appears a bit subdued in the beginning, however it’s best whilst you begin knowing the capability it has that you see the choose bomb that it is!

Infused olive oil might not be in your pantry right now, but after you get a taste of it, you’ll be hooked, but how exactly do you use it?

You would possibly have the quite right idea on the way to handle simple olive oil and the extra virgin variety (EVOO, anybody?), but this infused stuff — is there some type of unique magic that goes along side it? Of course not!


Well here are five methods to apply infused olive oil which can simply make you reconsider a few things & rush out the door to shop for some ASAP:

Cooking Flavor

If you already use olive oil, try substituting the infused stuff right in. The flavors you’re introducing will kick up your meals more than a few notches. famous flavors encompass rosemary, garlic, and crushed red peppers.


Though most infusions spoken of include on the savory aspect, there are a few which can be sweet, and while you combine the lusciousness of sweet olive oil along with your favorite dessert, you’re reaching nirvana.


Take your baked items in a new, thrilling course with this twist.

Bread Dip

Everybody is aware of the delicious dip you get while you go to a pleasing Italian restaurant. It’s peppery, salty, and has garlicky tang that hits the spot. consider how excellent it may be in your own home with the right oil!

Dimensions of Flavor

Every so often simplicity is what makes all of the difference in the world. A mild drizzle over a salad or prime steak can be truly wonderful.


Now, let’s say you go right down to your nearby market & try to locate a number of this oily liquid gold and can’t find it. Then you may need to look some place else, and depending on where you stay, you can need to order online. fortunately, olive oil producers are usually proper about having infused olive oil available.

Infused olive oil, at least for a few, is probably a piece of a cheat.
They figure that if olive oil is sufficient, it wouldn’t need to be infused with anything else. That’s a perspective that may be a bit on the narrow-minded end.


The culinary arts are all about maximizing taste any manner that you could, and it appears strange that you’d skip up at the chance to take one ingredient that rocks & not want to make it rock harder.
So, to those of you grooving in the kitchen with a flair for serious taste, infused olive oil ought to be high on your list kitchen “ought to-haves”.