Disk Drive

A hard disk drive is a memory storage device. The disk is divided into tracks. Each track is further divided into sectors. Sectors are 512 bytes apiece. The CPU and motherboard instructs the “Read/Write Head” where to provide an electrical charge to a “sector” on the platter. Each bit’s magnetic charge translates to a binary 1 or … Read More

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)

Peripheral Component Interconnect is a common connection interface for attaching computer peripherals to the motherboard. 1. Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) :PCI is a computer bus to connect the hardware devices in a computer system. PCI is designed as a parallel bus and has a single bus clock which allocates the time quantum. The speed of … Read More

What Is Memory Card Speed?

In a few short years since the launch of the first 4Mb flash memory card, the number of flash memory cards available for digital cameras and other devices has exploded with a number of different formats and speeds of memory card. Memory card speed is the card’s performance with regard to how quickly data can … Read More

The Lighter Side Of Laptops

This article is about three general categories of light weight laptops. If focuses on thin-and-light laptops, the ultraportables and the tablet PC. No matter how convenient, and sometimes absolutely indispensable, it is to be able to take your work around with you travel, at times you can’t help but wish that they’d think of making … Read More

The Facts Of USB And USB Cables

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has been around for a number of years, and its creation has solved the problem of a lack of or incompatible connections available to link computer peripherals to a computer. Thus, if a user wanted to connect a joystick, printer, and scanner, they might require the use of every port … Read More

The Difference between laser and inkjet

Are you one of that who is meaning to buy a printer but is very much torn because of the technologies you see around you? Where will you be using your printer? Would you like an inkjet or a laser printer? 3-color inkjet printers only holds one type of ink at a time. if you … Read More

Take Care Of You Laptop Battery Or Else…

Laptops are common now; most people have them to take to school or when they travel for work. Or that slideshow you have created (but carelessly forgot to save) may disappear if your laptop battery is not recharged. As common as laptops are now, it is just as common to see individuals forgetting that the … Read More

Repair Your Own Laser Printer

Having a printer repaired by a service company can be a pretty expensive proposition so we’ve compiled a checklist below that may assist you in fixing it yourself. Paper Jams Over a period of time the rollers wear down and become slick and don’t pull the paper in fast enough. If the paper is stopping … Read More