PC Health Check (with Tools)

Windows Security > Device Performance and Health Win + R > perfmon Data Collector Sets > System double click both System Diagnostics and System Performance Reports > System > System Diagnostics & System Performance (their content file(s) will display Error details if any) For more thorough check, go here: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/use-windows-performance-monitor-like-power-user/ Other Tools . . . … Read More

The Clock

Clock pulses are generated by the clock generator in the motherboard. Clock Pulse/Tick & Clock Cycle/Period 1 Hz is equal to 1 cycle per second. If a single cycle is 1/50 of a second in duration (0.02 seconds), then there will be 50 cycles in a second (1 / 0.02). We say the frequency is … Read More

Bootable USB Cloning Tutorial

Install AOMEI Backupper Standard (free) 1x bootable USB to clone 1x USB drive Insert the two USB drives to your PC Run AOMEI Backupper Standard Select Clone  Select Disk Clone Select USBs (never mix, else the bootable USB’s content will be gone): Source Disk: bootable USB  Destination Disk:USB drive to be cloned Operation Summary: To … Read More

Recover Deleted Excel Spreadsheets

Today, Microsoft Excel clearly possesses dominant market share in the spreadsheet product market. It is hard to overestimate the number of spreadsheets and the amount of important data stored in XLS files all over the world. But what if your computer’s hard drive fails and you lose access to all spreadsheets? Or what if you … Read More

Preventing And Reversing Data Loss

One of the most stressful times that a simple student or employee may encounter is a loss of an important file on the computer. Data recovery is technology that will help you to salvage lost data. First things first, you may want to take out your rolodex and try calling your tech-savvy friends to help … Read More

Know What You’re Dealing With: Essential Information You Must Know Before Paying for Data Recovery

The world of data recovery is a big mystery for most consumers and even some IT professionals. I provide some basic information about data recovery by shedding some light on how hard drives work, how they can fail, what are the chances of successful recovery and how much the user can expect to pay. This … Read More

How to recover deleted or lost files

It’s a sickening feeling, the moment you realize that some important document, or irreplaceable photos have vanished from your computer. The four most common reasons for data loss are: Deletion. You deleted the file by accident during a disk cleanup, or because you thought it was no longer required. It is not in the Recycle … Read More

How to Avoid Hard Drive Overheating

Even though the hard drive stores data, it isn’t perfect by any means. Viruses and crashes are common as well, along with theft and accidental deletion. With the older style and mechanics of hard drives, the RPM speed was low, meaning that the drives wouldn’t overheat. The hard drives we use now days, have speeds … Read More

Data Recovery Tips

Data recovery becomes necessary when your hard drive, memory card or USB flash card fail, and you have no backup available. This article gives an idea on the necessary steps and precautions during the data recovery process. Modern hard drives, however, are complex yet reliable pieces of electronics. They rarely fail for no reason, at … Read More