Batch/Shell Scripting

Batch for Windows; Shell for Unix-based OS. A parameter is an entity that stores values.A variable is a parameter denoted by a name.Parameter expansion is the procedure to get the value from the name. Paging divides large amount of displayed text to pages using a set PAGER software, e.g. for 100 lines of code, it … Read More


Vim has multiple modes: Mode Description Normal Default; for navigation and simple editinghit Esc to go into Normal mode Insert For explicitly inserting and modifying textpress i to go into Insert mode.— INSERT — @ lower-left means you are in Insert mode Command Line For operations like saving, exiting, etc. Visual ??? Select ??? Ex-Mode ??? You are now … Read More


Follow this to setup OpenVINO Windows Linux Known Compatibility Windows 10 Ubuntu 18.04.x long-term support (LTS), 64-bit Ubuntu 20.04.0 long-term support (LTS), 64-bit CentOS 7.6, 64-bit (for target only) Yocto Project v3.0, 64-bit (for target only and requires modifications) For deployment scenarios on Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 8.2 (64 bit), you can use the of … Read More


Prerequisites VirtualBox installed OS image Setting Up Virtual Machine Press New button Set settings accordingly and press Create Red Hat for CentOS Press Start (Normal Start generally) button to use Using Virtual Machine Guide (setup etc.): press F1 when running VirtualBox After setting up, mount the image file: Machine > Settings > Storage > Controller: … Read More


Install CMake In a folder, create 2 files: Build by creating a new folder in CMakeLists.txt’s directory, cd to it and run code below Make the executable (*.exe) (can run the executable in Shell/Terminal after making) CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR Root directory of the CMakeLists.txt Repository


r-click ONCE @ PuTTY for pasting password, then enter — you likely won’t see anything after pasting but know that you have pasted Check used ports: netstat -tulpn|less Type a random # between 0-65535 that’s not shown (e.g. 47687) > press Enter > press qOpen SSH config file: nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config > type: port 47687 > … Read More

Spin Rewriter

Comes in 3 parts 2nd part, pick only one alternative word 3rd part, ensure “Never use original words when synonyms are available” option is selected at Settings OK if listed website under “Check for plagiarism” is not major like Wikipedia and ensure your copied-edited content can be seen as unique when comparing with listed … Read More

CentOS (Red Hat)

Also known as Red Hat. Using the Bash (CLI) root The home directory of root , the system administratorhome Home directories of regular users bin Shells and command-line utilities, some of which are required to run the system sbin Command-line system administration utilities, several of which are required to run thesystem lib Reusable system libraries … Read More