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Program & Script Difference

This is heading 1 This is heading 1-1 Program Script Set of instructions compiled to produce output such as Chrome and Microsoft Excel Program interprets each line during runtime such as Chrome interpreting HTML language with JavaScript script Examples: C++ Examples: Python


Enable Related Posts @ Dashboard: Jetpack > Settings > Related Posts Remove by adding the below HTML to functions.php @ Theme Editor: Relocate Related Posts (after removing at functions.php as above) with Jetpack’s Related Posts block. Reference Inc., W., 2021. Customize Related Posts. [online] Jetpack. Available at: <> [Accessed 29 October 2021].

Shell in Windows

Command Prompt Windows settings (Win key + i) > search Windows Features > Enable (and install) Windows Subsystem for Linux To install distro, In cmd: Bash <*.sh filename> WSL Run PowerShell as administrator Windows files are located in the mnt folder that’s located in the / root. The Ubuntu’s root is located here in Windows: … Read More

Batch/Shell Scripting

Batch for Windows; Shell for Unix-based OS. A parameter is an entity that stores values.A variable is a parameter denoted by a name.Parameter expansion is the procedure to get the value from the name. Paging divides large amount of displayed text to pages using a set PAGER software, e.g. for 100 lines of code, it … Read More

Website Layouts

Layout Layout Format/Structure Layout Types HTML Tables The <table> element was not designed to be a layout tool! CSS Frameworks If you want to create your layout fast, you can use a framework, like W3.CSS or Bootstrap. CSS Floats It is common to do entire web layouts using the CSS float property. Float is easy … Read More

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Programming Nomenclatures

List of programming nomenclatures. Library Collection of modules. Some libraries: TensorFlow Module Collection of codes (functions, variables, etc.) functions attached to specific classes (or instances) in object-oriented programming. Package Collection of libraries Functions Made up of a block of code to perform task. Class, Object & Property All classes have a function called __init__(), which … Read More

GeneratePress’ Charge’s CSS

Thanks for importing Charge 🙂 Charge is created with GP Premium’s awesome built-in features with some custom CSS. The sections below provide a quick overview of how the site was built and some potential modifications. All the CSS mentioned below can be found in the Additional CSS field in the customizer. Body This CSS below is used … Read More


Setting up for Selenium Install Selenium Open Windows’ Command Prompt (cmd) pip install selenium WebDriver Directory Create directory anywhere convenient to place ChromeDriver Add the directory to your PATH By adding a folder containing WebDriver’s binaries to PATH, Selenium will be able to locate the additional binaries (e.g. ChromeDriver) without requiring your test code to … Read More

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