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Driving a Sustainable Future

Posted February 27th, 2019 in Uncategorized

Driving a sustainable ‘future

AS we progress into the future, people are becoming increasingly aware of the damage that modern technology inflicts on the environment.
As such, efforts have been taken to reduce our carbon footprint, resulting in the emergence of new technology such as green vehicles.
Vehicles contribute large amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and are greatly responsible for global warming.
While the future of eco-friendly cars is ;till hazy, concerted efforts have shown that it is not an entirely unachievable dream.
In particular, the advent of hybrid and electronic cars has shown that more and more individuals are embracing the concept of sustainable living and, as a result. are making decisions that will have a positive impact On the environment_
Powered by electricity
hybrids z on on two engines – a conventional internal combustion engine that runs on petrol and a high voltage electric motor powered by batteries.
The electric motor activates the car to mart and stop while the petrol engine powers the drive. Supping on the pedal, however,

shows off the hybridts power-split transmission where the petrol engine and electric motor work in unison for acceleration.
In Malaysia, hybrid cars are the most popular type of green vehicle. Popular models include the Toyota Prius C, Honda CR-I and Honda Jazz Hybrid.
Battery electric vehicle (BEV)
An all-electric vehicle urns solely on a battery motor_ A BEV derives its power from its battery packs

irmead of an internal combustion engine.
The batteries are charged at charging stations. Most modern 131:Vs support fat charging depending on the car model, it may be possible to recharge zi car up to 80% within 30 minutes to three and a half hours.
A battery range of GOk‘siti allows you to travel up to 370km at M8kph. and an 85kWh range can afford nearly -180Iun at &Skph.
The 8SkWh range consists of more than 70,000 battery cells and costs about RM42,000 to RMS0,000 to replace.

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Although the initial cost of buying a hybod may be more than the average car, you will save on long-term expenses,