Grand Company

Grand Company Squad To recruit and send for mission.  To grow, have to find better recruits and replace with current. Each mission can be completed once per week, reset every Tuesday 4pm (Earth time). Recruitment Training Check regimen board to train unit’s overall physical, mental and tactical strength. Each training takes 1 hour Earth time … Read More

A Company Law Jargon Buster

Company law is full of confusing terms, and if you don’t know what they mean then setting up a company can start to look far more scary than it really should be. Read through this jargon buster and you should find it much easier to understand what starting up is all about. Reference Source: Free … Read More

What’s In A Name?

Sony, Nike, Gucci, BT, Microsoft, Ford, Armani… and so on, names we come across in daily life, these are top “manufacturer brands”, then there are Tesco, Next, M&S, GAP, Burberry, Virgin etc, these are top “retail brands”. Most of us are very familiar with these brands as we have seen them around for a long … Read More