How to Build a Desktop PC

Too much dust will eventually clog your PCs ventilation system, in both your case and components, making it choke on hot air and dirt.  PSU Refer here for further info: Motherboard The most basic test is: Ensure CPU connected to motherboard Connect PSU’s CPU & power cables to motherboard Short the +ve & -ve … Read More

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Computer memory is a very fast memory device used to store . . . Program instructions Program variables (= data) used by program instructions The memory (RAM) has the capability to combine a number of adjacent memory bytes to represent larger values with some limitations A memory byte at an even address can be combined … Read More

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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU contains: General purpose registers (about 10 or so) General purpose means that the register can be used for multiple (different) purposes General purpose registers are used as inputs and outputs in arithmetic and logical operations performed by the CPU When the CPU add 2 values . . . The first value of the … Read More

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Human Brain and Memory Process

Human Brain and Memory Process

The memory process in the human brain is very complex. No computer has come close to the capacity of the human brain as of yet. However, it is only a matter of time before computers will have overcome the human brain’s power with the fusion of nanotechnology and biotech resources, expected within the next 20-30 … Read More