There are always 2 places to cite . . . In-text (located after a sentence) Full reference (located at the footnote section) There are 2 stages for citation . . . Check for plagiarism No need if common knowledge, e.g. sky is colored blue Must cite if not (cite if not sure to be safe) … Read More

Plagiarism vs Copyright Infringement

Plagiarism Copyright Infringement Offense against the author Offense against copyright holder Applies when ideas are copied, e.g.: Quoting someone’s words from the Internet, a printed article, or an interview, without acknowledging the author. Copying part of the content of a work into one’s own paper without citing the source. Copying or buying a paper and … Read More

Copywriting Training

Writing is a great field to get into and much of this article today will look at ways that you can focus on copywriting training. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on copywriting, specifically direct response writing. Direct response writing is copywriting where people respond immediately to the offer that you present to … Read More

A Company Law Jargon Buster

Company law is full of confusing terms, and if you don’t know what they mean then setting up a company can start to look far more scary than it really should be. Read through this jargon buster and you should find it much easier to understand what starting up is all about. Reference Source: Free … Read More

Wrongful Termination: 18 Things a Lawyer May Want to See When You Meet

Wrongful termination occurs when you are fired in a way that violates public policy and may include situations where you were forced to resign (called constructive discharge). If your employer fired you, or asked you to resign, or if you quit because you felt working conditions were intolerable, you may have a case for wrongful … Read More

Should Business & Personal Finance Be Taught At School?

How many of you remember sweating over stuff like Algebra and Trigonometry? Has this been useful to you in life? Surely this does not need to be taught in such detail to every child & only needs to be taught to budding scientists and mathematicians? I had art classes. Where they really necessary? I was … Read More