Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)

The Internet protocol suite, commonly known as TCP/IP, is the set of communications protocols used in the Internet and similar computer networks. The current foundational protocols in the suite are the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). A TCP connection works as follows: One computer must be waiting, or listening, for other computers to start talking to it. To be able to listen for different … Read More

Network (Internet | World Wide Web)

Connecting cables between two or more computers and allow them to send data back and forth through these cables; connecting machines shooting bits at each other all over the planet, the network is called internet. For effective communications, computers on both ends must know what the bits represent. Its style is called network protocol. There … Read More

The Birth of Internet Access

Isn’t it interesting how we always seem to take for granted some of the most significant technological breakthroughs that have helped propel our society into the 21st century? We use the Internet for personal communication, our finances, entertainment, dating, news, research, and much more. However, it’s amazing when asked, “Who created the Internet?” the usual … Read More

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is the single most widely used form of the local area network currently in existence. The original design for Ethernet was created by Xerox, and was based on an earlier design that was known as ALOHAnet. After the initial creation and success of Ethernet, the product went through further enhancement under the auspices of … Read More

4 Instant Tips for Running a Successful Internet Business

Running an internet business is not a difficult task; but running a successful internet business can be a bit more difficult. There are thousands of people that have their own online business, but many of them are not having any luck at all. If you want to be successful while running your internet business, there … Read More

Seven Secrets of Internet Millionaires

Internet millionaires don’t acquire their wealth and success by luck of the draw. They know the secrets to success. These secrets are so valuable that if you implement them, you will succeed in your own Internet business. There are two general types of secrets that Internet millionaires know which include external and internal secrets. We … Read More

Widen Web By Means Of Web Site Design

Appropriate keyword thickness is maintained in the content of the page so that it is accepted by the search engine. Use of too many keywords may lead your website being rejected by the search engine. The web designers will place the graphics and the content to make is attractive and navigation friendly. Compliance of the … Read More