Ways to get the accurate market value of your property

Ways to get the accurate market value of your property

It is very important to know the ‘accurate’ market value of your real estate in Maryland. There are two ways in which one can determine the exact market value: one is through property appraisal and another is through comparable market value analysis. Usually these 2 methods are used in combination with each other in order … Read More

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1031 Exchanges – The Legal Way To Defer Investment Property Capital Gains Tax

With the booming property prices of recent years, more and more people are finding themselves facing a large tax bill when they come to sell their investment properties. However, did you realize that there is a perfectly legal way of deferring payment of such taxes by utilizing the advantageous 1031 tax code that was introduced … Read More

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10 Ways to Cut Your Property Taxes

Property taxes are decided collectively by school boards, town boards, legislators, and councils. The tax an individual pays is computed by multiplying the tax rate by the assessed value of your property and then deducting any applicable exceptions. Property taxes are at an all time high. Studies indicate that they have increased more than 35% … Read More