Batch/Shell Scripting

Batch for Windows; Shell for Unix-based OS. A parameter is an entity that stores values.A variable is a parameter denoted by a name.Parameter expansion is the procedure to get the value from the name. Paging divides large amount of displayed text to pages using a set PAGER software, e.g. for 100 lines of code, it … Read More

Operating System (OS)

Operating System (OS) is a software that manages computer (PCs, smart phones, etc.) hardware. Two often-used OS are Linux and Windows. Reference Operating system. (2021, July 03). Retrieved August 18, 2021, from operating system (OS) is,common services for computer programs.&text=Operating systems are found on,to web servers and supercomputers.

What is IMEI?

IMEI, otherwise known as International Mobile Equipment Identification, is a series of numbers that identifies key elements of the phone that it can be registered to a single user and reported stolen if necessary. The information that the IMEI is able to store on the phone is amazing. Not only is each number different, but … Read More

What is Surround Sound and Why Do You Want It?

Whether you are an audio novice or an experienced technophile, this article is for you. Let’s take a few minutes to review the basics of surround sound, and the principles behind it. If you are new to surround sound, this will help you to understand the concept. It will also refresh the memory of those … Read More

What is a Podcast exactly?

If you are reading this article, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what a Podcast is, right? I mean you probably think that its audio you play on your iPod and maybe you might even know someone who is a Podcast Host (records their own show for people to download and listen … Read More

Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System

Z Mesh is a state of the art floor heating system that will work well in a number of interior locations as well as on roofs for snow melting. Z Mesh is a type of floor heating system that will provide comfort and warmth to consumers in their home or office building. Z Mesh is … Read More

3 Tips for Sending Special Messages

Staying in touch with family and friends has never been easier with the speed and efficiency of today’s technology. We live in a world of e-mail, text and instant messages and mobile conversations. Here are a few suggestions on how to use technology to stay close to loved ones and, at the same time, bring … Read More