Grand Company

Grand Company Squad To recruit and send for mission.  To grow, have to find better recruits and replace with current. Each mission can be completed once per week, reset every Tuesday 4pm (Earth time). Recruitment Training Check regimen board to train unit’s overall physical, mental and tactical strength. Each training takes 1 hour Earth time … Read More

10 Important Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen

Here are 10 important guidelines for your kitchen design project… For efficiency, the work triangle (the space between the sink, refrigerator, and stove) should measure 26′ or less with no single side longer than 9′, or less than 4′. In kitchens smaller than 150 sq. ft., opt for at least 13′ of base cabinets, 12′ … Read More

Wrongful Termination: 18 Things a Lawyer May Want to See When You Meet

Wrongful termination occurs when you are fired in a way that violates public policy and may include situations where you were forced to resign (called constructive discharge). If your employer fired you, or asked you to resign, or if you quit because you felt working conditions were intolerable, you may have a case for wrongful … Read More