Bootable USB Cloning Tutorial

Install AOMEI Backupper Standard (free) 1x bootable USB to clone 1x USB drive Insert the two USB drives to your PC Run AOMEI Backupper Standard Select Clone  Select Disk Clone Select USBs (never mix, else the bootable USB’s content will be gone): Source Disk: bootable USB  Destination Disk:USB drive to be cloned Operation Summary: To … Read More

Recover Deleted Files

Lost some important files? Can’t find your documents anymore? A folder with photos is gone? Home computers are often shared with other family members, so some files may be deleted simply as a matter of misunderstanding. For example, your son may think that you have already those photos and videos from your last vacation burned … Read More

Replacing Windows Regedit

There are numerous third-party alternatives to practically every tool available with Windows. Even Internet Explorer has a number of third-party replacements that offer better security and more features. Regedit is no exception to the trend. Reg Organizer is a vastly superior alternative to Windows Regedit. Unlike direct product replacements such as FireFox – Internet Explorer … Read More