Lord of Verminion

Take the lift to Chocobo Square at X:4.4 Y:6.7. If in party and party member fails to enter the same instance as you, keep on re-entering the Chocobo Square until successful.

Minion Hotbar

Can play with others in tournament and in Non-RP Player Battles, rest are solo with NPCs. Tournament matches happen irregularly, can only register while ongoing.

One side wins by destroying all Arcana Stones of the other side’s. Both sides have 3 Arcana Stones each positioned on the field.

Shields increase defense of Arcana Stones. Search Eye hides minions from far away enemy minions. Gates act as sanctuary, minions can recover HP there. Gates can be (temporarily) destroyed, once destroyed, minions summoned there will be stuck there.

Destroyed structures can regenerate (except Arcana Stones) – regenerates faster when minions are nearby.

Cost for summoning minions (max 60pts for each 20s summon phase). Summoning more will press the rest in queue (10 minions max)

Stationary minion(s) will attack any nearby enemy.

Special Action: req. group of 4 minions

Teleport between gates by selecting minions and selecting the desired gate with O

Speed in movement is critical

  • Move camera with L & R analog sticks.
  • R3 to select gate (A, B, C)
  • Hold /\ and select minion by moving ground circle with analog stick. Press O to select destination.
  • L1 + dir. key to select single minion in group
  • L1 + [] to induce Special Action


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