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My First Heading

My first paragraph.


WikiLinks shortcode
WikiLinks shortcodxe


A wiki article with the title of TOC was not found.

Note: For ToC, create a Wiki page with title TOC. Its contents will appear as the TOC. Since only ONE TOC for all Yada Wikis, better to use Wiki Category through the Add Wiki Listing button located within the Visual tab of Edit Page instead.

Wiki Category – lists Wiki pages in the category

          You can optionally choose to output the list by title or by creation date. For example:

              Wiki Index


              output wiki pages:


              Note: For single Index, parent category will not be considered.

              /a category/

              /all categories/

              /a category/

              /all categories/

              Can find out more in the plugin’s help page: https://www.webtng.com/wiki/plugin-overview/